Arcenia, wings of Yeng.

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Post by Connor on Tue Nov 18, 2008 12:05 am

It's to precious. Although, I will be doing a sort of test rp. The monkey facial hair committee. Despite the light hearted nature the title might suggest, this is serious business. Ganders as to what what we do in this committee can be seen in random thoughts. Gathering calls section to be posted soon with back story, no character sheet will be needed, pretty much I'll fuel us a good old fashioned adventure, full of espionage, mystery, ACTION!, romance.

(Rapidly click spoiler for desired effect.)

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Arcenia, wings of Yeng. - Page 2 Empty Re: Arcenia, wings of Yeng.

Post by Guest on Sun Dec 14, 2008 9:48 am

Alright. I'll finally grace you all with my posting abilities.

"What the hell is this guy's DEAL!?"

The bogey that Yren had been, so desperately, trying to evade for the past half-hour, was still pursuing him. The forearms and legs of the young pilot were reaching their limits.

"That damned computer..."

The fighter plane's missile-detection system had been giving a continuous ring for what seemed like hours. He had begun to wonder, through the constant sound, if his ears, now, were just ringing from the noise, and the missiles had ceased.

Attempting to gain visual of his pursuer, he pulled out a hand-mirror from his vest, using the cracked lens to view the back of his plane.


"... Did he disengage?? No... He's been chasing me for too long to just give up..."

Come to think of it, Yren had never really seen a bogey, it was the lock-on alert that triggered his evasive maneuvers.

"Have I been pursued by a phantom...? I can't let HQ hear of this..."

*WARNING: Low Fuel.... WARNING: Low Fuel...*

"...I guess they won't be hearing about this..."

I'd write more, but it is, in fact, called a sample


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